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A Sustainable Green Holiday, Powys, Mid Wales

At Nannerth Country Holidays we aim to run our business in a sustainable way which means not taking out more than we put in and not damaging or depleting natural resouces

We first came to Nannerth Fawr Farm 25 years ago and have been working since then to create a successful farm and holiday business within a biodiverse environment where wildlife can thrive.  The farm has very special areas which include traditional flower rich hay meadows, sessile oak woods, river margins and the wetlands we have created.  These areas are home to many wildlife and plant species and we manage these organically in order to maintain healthy sheep flocks and a healthy natural environment.

Guests who choose Nannerth will enjoy a truly sustainable green holiday and we hope you will experience this on the farm, in the holiday cottages and the local area.  To see baby Barn Owls sitting at dusk on an oak tree branch, to see brilliant stars in the dark night sky and to see the sparkling colours of a Southern Hawker hovering over the water are magical experiences.

Our sustainable farming practices include:

  • Farming organically
  • Keeping the land healthy
  • Promoting biodiversity
  • Avoiding polluting the environment
  • Keeping chemical use to a minimum

Our sustainable tourism practices include:

  • Bringing redundant farm buildings back into use
  • Restoration and repair of holiday cottages and buildings using reclaimed and locally sourced materials
  • High levels of insulation
  • Heating, hot water and some electricity provided by biomass district heating system, solar hot water panels, PV panesl and logs from the farm
  • As far as possible using 'green' cleaning products
  • Activities provided on the farm to reduce car use
  • Providing bikes for guests to borrow
  • Recycling actively encouraged
  • Energy efficient white goods and light bulbs used


Biomass Woodchip Boiler

installing the biomass boiler

During the last few years, we have successfully reduced our dependence on fossil fuels by installing renewable energy technology. Solar hot water heating panels and additional insulation have been fitted in the cottages while the central heating and hot water for all cottages is now provided by a biomass boiler. PV panels provide electricity to the grid, thereby offsetting a proportion of the electricity used. The ultimate aim is to make our cottages carbon neutral.

 If you want a sustainable green holiday, Nannerth Country Holidays aims to be mostly sustainable in energy. 

 The Eta biomass boiler burns wood chip  using advanced technology to produce as much heat as possible. Our wood fuel for the boiler is sourced from the farm and the local area.  André and contractors fitted the high tech insulated underground pipes which carry hot water to the cottages.  The project advisor was Cardiff based Sustainable Energy Limited.

Biomass BoilerBoth the Granary and the Tollant have wood burning stoves, which provide a cosy warmth in the evenings for those who like a real wood fire.  Wood is provided from Nannerth Fawr farm, from wind blown branches, hedge trimming and maintenance of the woodlands.

Most lights and lamps are fitted with low energy light bulbs and most rubbish is recycled, with the cooperation of guests. Our water is from a mountain spring up in the hills behind the farm. Guests say they can tell the difference…

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water panels are installed on south facing roofs and provide masses of hot water on sunny days and raise the temperature in the tank even on duller days, thus saving energy and fossil fuels.

Solar Electricity

Photovoltaic panels are now fitted, producing electricity from light and feeding it back into the grid.  This takes us a good deal closer to making our heat and power usage carbon neutral.


Andre installing Biomass hot water system
Nannerth Holiday Cottages Biomass Hot Water Pipes
Nannerth Holiday Cottages Biomass Boiler Auger
Nannerth Holiday Cottages Biomass Pipes
Nannerth Holiday Cottages Trenches by Farmhouse
Biomass Trenches with Digger and Dumper
Solar Hot Water Installation at Nannerth

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